What We Do


We restore your leather pieces to “like new” condition for a fraction of their replacement cost, saving you the inconvenience of parting with your comfortable, all-time favorites.


Problems we take care of: Soil, Ink marks, pet scratches, rips and tears, undone seams, fading, head and armrest oil and more.


We restore leather furniture, garments and fixtures.


Please ask us about our MAIL-IN service for leather jackets. This is super easy. You mail us your jacket, we fix it and mail it back to you.


We develop unique ONE-STEP leather cleaning and protective products as well as ONE-STEP leather color restorative solutions for home use.


We have developed industry leading leather restoration products and are offering these to other leather restoration professionals who need the highest performing products that produce the best look and feel. Don't settle for finishes that peel off or feel heavy and stiff or pigments that don't cover well. If you are a leather repair tech, give us a call or write us an email.

Pacific Leather Works is a family run business specialized in Leather Restoration and making the best Leather Care Products.    Read our story ->


Questions? Email us at service@pacificleatherworks.com. Call us at 425-319-1014