Made of the finest Swiss tanning oils, blended in a cleansing and deep penetrating emulsion.


Use it to keep new and luxurious leathers soft and supple while restoring moisture and revitalizing older leather.


For use on furniture, auto interiors, leather garments, purses, shoes and equestrian equipment. Not for suede.


European Leather Restorer will gently remove soil, pet grime, old dust and food residue while nourishing and softening your leather.


Why do we use to ship the items?

Because they can get it to you faster and cheaper than if we shipped it to you. Also, no company has a better record of keeping your financial information safe. We focus on making the best leather care products for you and we leave the logistics to them.


If you are trying to buy from outside the United States, please drop us an email and we will ship directly to you.



Available Sizes

8 Oz.