Your Cruise Ships have a significant investment in their leather furnishings. The question is how to protect this investment without incurring the high costs of replacement when high passenger traffic and necessary chemical cleaning take their toll on the leather.


Pacific Leather Works is the solution to this problem. Leather furnishings that appear worn out, in most cases do not need to be replaced. We restore your leather to its original appearance, leaving it as beautiful as the day it was first brought on board.


Leather restoration extends the useful life of your expensive leather goods 3 fold. Using our restoration services to maintain your existing leather is much more cost effective than the recurring replacement expenses for vinyl and fabric.


When maintained, leather is the most durable upholstery option and offers the highest return on your investment. Unlike vinyl or fabric, which wear out quickly, leather can be repeatedly restored to provide years of beautiful service.


Our teams travel the globe, working underway or in dry dock to take care of fading, soiling, wear, cuts, scratches, missing buttons, broken top-stitching and seams, cigarette burns, ink marks, stains, glitter, sagging seats, chemical burns and every other problem that can occur.


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Pacific Leather Works is a family run business specialized in Leather Restoration and making the best Leather Care Products.    Read our story ->


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