Some History


We are a family business, with roots extending back to the early 80's in Munich, Germany. Back then we mostly worked on leather jackets and auto interiors. Over the decades we have also specialized in restoring leather furniture. As our reputation has grown, so has the scope of work we do. In the early 90's we moved from Germany to the Pacific Northwest. Soon, we were working for all major furniture retailers in the Seattle Metro area. The new millennium brought with it even more impressive opportunity. We began restoring the thousands of pieces of furniture found on luxury cruise ships. We now travel the world to work on these massive ships, because we have a perfectionist’s passion for restoring beauty and luxury.


A harmony of craftsmanship and science.


The Art


Our master craftsman John Andersen is an artist. His tools are color, texture and feel. When he works with leather, good enough is never good enough, but perfection is. Decades of experience combined with patience produce flawless repairs.


The Science


Developing and using the industry’s best products enables us to achieve the best results on the job. Hans Andersen  is the mad scientist, constantly dabbling, concocting, refining, mixing and testing to produce the best binders, colors, topcoats, repair compounds, waxes and conditioners. We believe that there are always better tools, products and procedures for how we work, and he is constantly on the lookout for them.


Everything Else (Paperwork, Logistics, Good food and Capturing the Happy moments)


Everything else rests on the shoulders of Kathy and Neli and our extended Bulgarian family. In short, we are an awesome product of American entrepreneurship, German precision and Bulgarian die-hard-get-it-done attitude.



Pacific Leather Works is a family run business specialized in Leather Restoration and making the best Leather Care Products.    Read our story ->


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